Reusable Yellowjacket Traps

Safer® Deluxe Yellow Jacket/Wasp Trap

Safer® Deluxe Yellow Jacket/Wasp Trap is fully assembled, ready-to-use, and easy to clean. Contains a pesticide-free pheromone attractant with carbohydrate and protein ingredients. Bait is effective year round and in all geographical regions. Bait comes with the traps and is sold separately. Contents are a food attractant.

Trap Placement and Use
Use the Deluxe Yellow jacket Trap anywhere or anytime there is a yellow jacket problem-backyards, picnics, barbeques, or camping. This trap has been designed for use on all yellow jacket species. It will attract yellow jackets only, not the thinner longer wasps usually called paper wasps. The trap is designed to hold a variety of attractants that are known to attract yellow jackets including the BioLure yellow jacket Attractant included.

The bait tray is divided into two sections which can hold one or two baits. We recommend using the Safer yellow jacket Attractant. If you are using the Safer yellow jacket Attractant, cut off one corner of the packet and squeeze equal amounts on the tray in the shallow space provided to the left and right of the circle. If you are using home baits, we recommend placing a small piece of meat (turkey, ham, sausage, etc.) on one side of the tray and a piece of ripe fruit (sliced apples, watermelon, etc.) on the other side.

Put 1/2 cup of sweet liquid (apple juice concentrate, soda beverages, etc. or water) in the bottom of the trap and add a (drop)or two of liquid dishwashing soap (this breaks the surface tension of the liquid). This liquid serves two purposes. First, the liquid will trap the flying insects and secondly act as a n additional attractant. It is not necessary to use a liquid in the bottom of the trap during the hot months of summer as the heat will kill the insects, but in the cooler seasons (spring and fall) when the insects are less active, the liquid will trap the insects.

Set the bait tray on top of the trap bottom as shown in the illustration and slide the securing ring up and screw it on top of the trap. Attach the twist tie hanger.

Trap Placement
If the trap is being used for specific occasions, such as picnics or barbecues, put the trap out at least one hour before cooking or serving food and away from human activity.

If the trap is to be used in problem areas, such as around garbage cans, put the trap out in late spring and change baits regularly.

Hang the trap out of reach of children and pets, and away from human activity. If pets and children are not present, the trap can be used without the hanger and set on any flat surface.

Place the trap out of windy areas and where it will receive morning sunlight and afternoon shade, especially in areas where temperatures get extremely hot.

If trap catches are low and yellow jackets are in the area move the trap to another location.

To Empty and Re-bait
When the trap fills to the bait tray level or if trap catches decline, it is time to re-bait and clean the trap.

The best time to empty the trap and re-bait is early in the morning or after sunset when yellow jackets are usually not active. Before opening the trap, make sure all insects inside are dead. To kill trapped yellow jackets, place the entire trap in a bucket of water for band and place in direct hot afternoon sun for a few hours. Make sure that all of the yellow jackets are dead before emptying the trap. Some people are allergic to yellow jacket stings which can be fatal. Dispose of insects in household trash or bury them (they make excellent compost).

Caution Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Fatal Funnel Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket Trap - 12 Reusable Traps

by Fatal Funnel
  • 12 Fatal Funnel traps are included - New and innovative, patent pending wasp and hornet traps
  • Fatal Funnel fills the void for a low cost trap solution
  • Uses typical household products: 2-liter bottle and apple juice
  • Attractant recipe is included with the traps
  • NO Chemicals, NO Poisons, NO Presticles, REUSABLE!!

Fatal Funnel Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket Reusable Traps are the most innovative, cost-effective way to eliminate your wasp and hornet problems! Using an ordinary 2-liter bottle, an attractant (recipe for attractant provided), and Fatal Funnel, you can rid your deck, patio, barn, or any area of those dangerous pests. This trap functions like several existing traps on the market, but since the consumer provides the 2-liter bottle, overall costs are less for the consumer. This allows you to purchase and set out twelve traps for the same price as many single traps cost.

Xcalibur Reusable Yellow Jacket Trap YJTR8

by Xcalibur

Customer review

No questions asked, this is the best trap for catching meat eating, pesky, territorial swarms of hornets that think that they can rule us & our property by being brave like they are & coming right up to us & our animals outside!!! I have purchased & tried allot of different wasp & hornet traps lately including this one & have come to the conclusion that this is the one & only 100% descent trap available out of the other wasp & hornet traps that I have purchased & tried. It actually works & shows some success in getting rid some of the hornets on my property. This Xcalibur Reusable Yellow Jacket Trap works very well to attract, trap & kill the pesky hornets by drowning them once trapped inside. They are really attracted to the 13 Week Super Bait Formula Water Capsule that comes with this trap.

Cons: The 13 Week Super Bait Formula Water Capsule replacements are very hard to find anywhere & cannot be found at your local hardware stores or garden supply stores. They are also extremely hard to find anywhere on the web as well because nobody carries or sells these 13 Week Super Bait Formula Water Capsule replacements. One last note to be aware of: The website for this product no longer exists nor can I even begin locate a website for the XCALIBUR company who makes this trap anywhere on the Internet. Therefore, you cannot & will not be able to find or purchase the 13 Week Super Bait Formula Capsule replacements directly from the company who makes this trap.

Buy this trap if you need it. You will not be disappointed with the results that you will get & see with the hornets & this trap. I myself purchased two more of these traps because I was so happy with the awesome results that I saw & received from it in a 4 week period of being hung outside on a tree in direct sunlight.

Victor Poison-Free M362 Reusable Yellow Jacket & Flying Insect Trap

by Victor

  • Controls yellow jackets, flies, and fruit flies
  • Ideal to use for picnics, camping, and cookouts
  • Natural bait contains carbohydrates and protein, not hazardous sprays or aerosols
  • Bait is effective in all geographic regions
  • Easy to use and reusable

This yellow jacket & flying insect trap is easy-to-use and reusable. Controls yellow jackets, flies, and fruit flies. Ideal to use for picnics, camping, and cookouts - places yellow jackets like to hang out. Natural bait contains carbohydrates and protein, not hazardous sprays or aerosols. Bait is effective in all geographic regions.

Rescue YJTR-SF4 Reuseable Yellowjacket Trap with Attractant

by Rescue

  • Catches multiple species. Attractant lasts for weeks without daily maintenance Won't trap beneficial honeybees
  • Double-chambered design prevents yellowjackets from escaping Durable plastic holds up in sunlight for seasons of use
  • Used and recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture as well as major U.S. zoos, parks, campgrounds, resorts and school districts
  • Clear plastic tube allows the user to see the yellowjacket "body count"
  • Once inside the trap, the yellowjackets cannot fly out and die of dehydration.
The RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap catches all major species of yellowjackets common to North America.The exclusive RESCUE! Attractant replicates the sex pheromone of the yellowjackets to draw them inside the trap. The yellowjackets enter the trap through the holes on the bottom section, then fly up through the interior cone into the clear yellow catch chamber. Once inside the trap, they can not fly out and die of dehydration.The RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap can be used outdoors wherever there is a yellowjacket problem. We recommend the trap be placed at least 20-feet away from an outdoor activity area, such as a patio or deck. The trap should be hung, if possible, in a natural setting of bushes and trees. It's also effective to place the trap on the perimeter of a yard or area where yellowjackets are entering. The trap should also be placed at least 20-feet away from a known yellowjacket nest.

Product Description

Scientifically designed to trap and kill yellow jackets. Environmentally safe, no poisons or pesticides. Easy to assemble, no tools required. Rust free poly material and no moving parts. Odor free and attractant lasts for weeks. Trap can be reused. 

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