Right Grass for Your Region

Where Do You Live?

The many types of grasses that have been developed for residential lawns have different climate preferences. To assure that your lawn is successful, you must be sure to use the grasses that are suited to your climate and the particular environmental conditions in your region.

Turfgrasses are divided into two categories: northern/cool weather grasses and southern/warm weather grasses. The first question in buying grass seed is “Where do you live?” It is not enough to answer, “In the North.” There is a considerable difference between the weather in Boston and the weather in Seattle, yet both are northern cities where planting northern grasses is appropriate. Grass seed mixtures suited to each of these areas vary somewhat.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about these variations when buying seed for your particular area. All the reputable grass seed companies have done extensive research to determine what is the best mixture of which grasses--even which varieties of those grasses--for optimum success in your area. Your local garden centers and other retail outlets routinely stock those mixtures that are suitable for your area.

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