Row Covers (Fleece)

What is fleece used for? What are the benefits?

Fleece is a very light, white polyspun fabric sometimes called a floating row cover which is placed over plants, without support, in the early spring. It is light enough to be supported by almost any young, tender plant.

Fleece creates a semi-greenhouse environment, raising the air temperature approximately 10-15 degrees underneath it. This makes it ideal for starting plants early in the spring. Especially in areas that have a short summer, the effect of using the fabric can more than double the harvest of some vegetables. Tomatoes, for instance, will not grow at all until the temperature rises above 65 degrees. Fleece will get the plants to that temperature several weeks before the outside temperature gets that high.

Fleece can also protect against light frosts.

Fleece also is an effective screen for insects and can potentially keep the plants insect-free in the vulnerable early stages of development.

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