Soil Moist Polymers


Soil Moist water absorbing polymer stores over 100 times its weight in tap water releasing a steady supply of water as your plants need it.

Soil Moist has been developed to reduce the amount of water needed to maintain vigorous plants inside and outside of the home. When mixed in soil outside or in soilless potting mix inside, the crystals will soften and swell as water is added and absorbed. When the potting material begins to dry, the polymer will slowly release its water to the plant. Soil Moist acts as a water reservoir, even during periods of drought outside, the stored water is released to the plant. The expansion and retraction of the polymer during the watering cycle helps soil aeration, which is important to all plants.

Soil Moist is a synthetic acrylic copolymer. The polymer is non-toxic and safe to use in all landscape or houseplant applications. When added to landscape and other planting applications, Soil Moist will contionue to work for extended period of time.

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