Soil Soup™ Activated Tea Machine

Soil Soup™ Brewing System
Brew your own “Activated Tea” at home and start putting a little life into your garden. This machine is designed to add significant amounts of air to six gallons of water mixed with either compost, earthworm castings, or microbial powder. It runs for 24 hours to produce the tea. The resulting aerobically brewed SoilSoup or “activated tea” is alive, filled with millions of healthy soil biota (living creatures). Because it is oxygen brewed, SoilSoup contains high levels of beneficial bacteria. You need to use your Soil Soup within 24 hours of its preparation to get maximum benefits of the product.

The SoilSoup Compost Brewing System contains everything necessary to begin making your very own aerobically brewed SoilSoup

The 6.5 gallon SoilSoup Compost Brewing System Bucket comes with an easy to carry handle and a re-usable lid with gasket that screws on tightly. The lid has an extendable pouring spout.

The 6.5 Gallon SoilSoup™ Compost Brewing System comes complete and ready to start brewing with:
SoilSoup Bio-BlenderTM
compost tea bag
metal holding ring
5 pounds of worm compost
one half gallon of SoilSoup Nutrient Solution (enough to make 65 gallons of finished tea)
and the SoilSoup Users Manual which explains it all.

Beautiful lawns and plants grow naturally with SoilSoup.

Now home gardeners can brew the same great soup that the organic farmers are brewing and you can brew it all yourself. Applying SoilSoup to a lawn or garden has the same effect as applying 2" to 3" of good compost.

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