Solving Coneflower Problems

Solving Coneflower Problems
SymptomsProbable Cause
Plants Rot; Die Over WinterPoor Drainage
Holes in Leaves and FlowersJapanese Beetles
Leaves Covered with White PowderPowdery Mildew

Plants Rot and Die Over-Winter Due to Poor Drainage
While purple coneflowers appreciate moist soil, they do not tolerate soggy soil. Often poor soil drainage causes winter rains and snow to pool near plants and saturate the soil around their roots, causing them to rot.

The key to assuring that soil drains well, and simultaneously absorb moisture available to plants, is building a soil that’s rich in organic matter. Improve your soil by mixing in chopped leaves, hay, commercial bagged compost, humus or peat moss. Organic mulch also conditions the soil as it gradually decomposes over the season.

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