Some Hybrid Tea Favorites

Additional Hybrid Tea Favorites:
‘Caribbean’ (AARS 1994) is peachy orange
‘Double Delight’ (AARS 1977) red and white/yellow bicolor, fragrant, repeat bloomer, resists black spot well; good for the East.
‘John F. Kennedy’ pure white, most fragrant of the white teas
‘Midas Touch’ (AARS 1994) is yellow
‘Peace’ (AARS 1946) yellow with pink blush, historic favorite, susceptible to black spot
‘Princess de Monaco’ is bicolored white and pink, all-around hardy
‘Radiance’ light pink, a classic, fragrant, grows in the South, is hardy in the north, resists disease.
‘Secret’ (AARS 1994) pale pink with deeper pink tinged petal edges
‘Sheer Elegance’ (AARS 1991) pink blend, good for the Northwest.
‘Tropicana’ (AARS 1968) American Rose Society Gold Certificate; fluorescent orange-red, heavy fragrance, leathery leaves.

Additonal Grandiflora Favorites:
‘Gold Medal’ is yellow, spicy scented.
‘Playboy’ is orange, continuously blooming; makes a good hedge.
‘Queen Elizabeth’ (AARS 1955) pink; good for North and South, repeat bloomer.

Additional Floribunda Favorites
These are appropriate for most regions in the US
‘Betty Prior’ medium pink, pretty disease resistant; a rebloomer.
‘Iceberg’ white, one of the most disease resistant whites.
‘Mr. Lincoln’ (AARS 1965) is red, good for the South, wonderfully fragrant.
‘Smooth Melody’ red, thornless, fragrant
‘Sunsprite’ dark yellow, one of the most disease resistant of this type; good for the West.
‘Sun Flare’ (AARS 1983) yellow, compact and disease resistant.

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