Squirrel Proof Feeders

Squirrels are a legendary problem at backyard feeding stations. They, too, the love wild bird seed, fruits and stale baked goods that are offered there. In their tenacious and often hilarious efforts to raid feeders, they spill seeds, chew on wooden parts and even knock feeders down. Rather than try to make the feeder inaccessible to these wily creatures, (which usually results in making them inconvenient to fill) choose feeders that withstand and discourage squirrel visits.

Feeders that feature metal, plexiglass, PVC and stainless steel contruction withstand squirrel damage. Tilt baffles for wire hangers or pole baffles are only sometimes effective at keeping squirrels off feeders. Look for feeders with counterbalanced perches or wire mesh enclosures that deny food to the squirrels, even if they get onto the feeder. The Wildbills feeder even delivers a mild electric shock to dissuade squirrel visits.

Click Here to check out some squirrel proof feeders. For more information about handling squirrel problems see the file Dealing With Squirrels/

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