Sulphate of Potash

Sulfate of Potash 0-0-50 by Espoma

Sulfate of Potash is a naturally-occurring, mined mineral. Espoma® Sulfate of Potash is the finest grade sulfate of potash available and is approved for organic gardening.

Benefits of Sulfate of Potash:
Source of Potassium
• Sulfate of Potash is an enriched source of potassium, which aids in developing plant vigor and disease resistance. Golf course superintendents often use sulfate of potash because its high rate of potassium leads to better health and vigor, which in makes it more resilient to constant wear. Therefore, homeowners should either use Sulfate of Potash as a supplement to their lawn fertilizer, or make sure that their lawn fertilizer has sulfate of potash as an ingredient (see Turf-Tone & Espoma Organic, which both utilize sulfate of potash as a potassium source.)

Source of Sulfur
• Sulfate of Potash contributes much needed sulfur as sulfate, a secondary element which aids in developing dark green color.

Sulfate of Potash has a very low salt index. It is the salts in some fertilizers that can “burn”, or kill, your lawn, especially during hot weather. However, sulfate of potash is virtually chloride free and thus has a lower burn potential than either muriate of potash or sulfate of potash magnesia. Therefore, make sure your summer lawn food utilizes sulfate of potash as its potassium source so that you minimize the potential for burning your lawn

Directions for using Sulfate of Potash
• It is always recommended to obtain a soil test prior to application. In the absence of soil test recommendations use the following rates of application: For lawns, trees, shrubs, and vegetables apply at the rate of 1/2 to 1 lb. Per 100 square feet.

Locating Espoma Products
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