Tangle-Trap Kits By Tanglefoot

To help rid plants of aphids, whiteflies, leafminer flies, and fungus gnats in large areas such as flower and vegetable gardens or greenhouses, try our Tangle-Trap Aphid Trap Kits.

Each trap kit contains two large (12" x17") trapping surfaces, stakes, and an 8 oz. brush cap container of Tangle-Trap Insect Trap Coating. For your convenience, each trapping surface has already been pre-coated, so there's little assembly or preparation required. You simply peel off the protective cover sheet, place sticky traps in the stake, and anchor them in the soil near your plants.To refresh existing traps, or to create your own traps using the size and material you need, Tangle Trap Insect Trap Coating may be purchased separately.

While these products are generally available in most independent garden centers, for more information and a retail source of these products go to www.tanglefoot.com

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