Aphid Yellow Sticky Traps

Yellow sticky traps will catch plenty of small pest insects such as aphids, white flies and fungus gnats. Yellow sticky traps are small plastic strips coated with a sticky material. Safe and non-toxic, they last all season, even through water exposure. However, you should use sticky traps for only 3 to 4 weeks; any longer and they'll trap beneficial insects as well.They are sold in garden centers and plant shops to control various insect pests. When inserted in the soil or hung on a plant that is continually troubled by aphid or whitefly attack, they attract the little pests and kill them. Place the traps next to (not above) susceptible plants.

Make Your Own Sticky Traps - Obtain some panels of a material such as Masoniteä (10 inch by 10 inch squares) and paint them bright yellow (school-bus-yellow, or Rust-Oleum No. 659 or Sunset Yellow No. 7745), then coat the painted panels with a weatherproof adhesive pest product such as Tack Trap, Tanglefoot, motor oil, or petroleum jelly. Then place the traps next to (not above) susceptible plants.

Yellow Sticky Aphid Whitefly Trap Pack of 15

by Seabright

Easy-to-open yellow 4"x7" trap reverse folds to expose 4"x14" stickysurface with grid for precision monitoring purposes. Approximately 30 square inch adhesive area. Non-poisonous and weatherproof. Punched with hole and twist-tie provided to easily hang trap. Easy to handle and count insects without getting sticky. These yellow sticky traps attract a broad spectrum of flying insects, including: aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, leafminers, and moths. Long lasting traps are weatherproof, and come with a wire twist to easily hang on plants or branches.



7 Yellow Sticky Traps + 2 Wire Stands

by rePotme

All natural, non-toxic, simple yet effective pest control for fungus gnats, aphids, thrips and more. Flying insects are attracted to the color yellow and get stuck on the ultra sticky surface of these traps. Use them vertically with the included wire stand or horizontally along the pot edge. No odor, no chemicals, double sided 3x5 inch adhesive yellow cards.




Tangle-Traps - Yellow

by AM Leonard

These bright yellow cards are coated with a sticky adhesive to collect damaging insects for monitoring or pesticide-free control. Each 351 x 1051 card can be folded in half for two-sided appeal. Effective against: whiteflies, aphids, fruitflies, and leafhoppers. Lasts all season, even after rainfall. Comes with twist ties for hanging. 1/251 printed grid simplifies insect counting. 3 cards per pack.




Safer Brand 5025 Houseplant Sticky Stakes

by Safer

  • Ideal for potted plants
  • Attracts and traps whiteflies, fungus gnats, blackflies, thrips, fruit flies, midges and other flying insects
  • Fully disposable
  • Draws pests like a magnet
  • A natural pest control - contains no pesticides
These houseplant sticky stakes are ideal for use indoors or outdoors in potted plants. They offer an economical and convenient solution to the annoyances of whiteflies, fungus gnats, black flies, thrips, fruit flies, midges and other flying insects. Contain no pesticides and are fully disposable.

Product Description

7/box. Controls fungus gnats, whiteflies, black flies, thrips, and other flying insects. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Contains no pesticides.
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