Yellow Sticky Traps by Golden Harvest

Yellow sticky traps are a non toxic way to control and monitor aphids, cucumber beetles, fruit flies, fungus gnats, leafhoppers, froghoppers, moths, whiteflies, flea beetles, leaf miners etc. An integral part of any integrated pest management program they can be used in greenhouses, homes, orchards, flower and vegetable gardens, anywhere insects are a problem. The glue does not dry out and the traps will last until the surface area is completely covered with insects, even through rain.

These traps have a grid pattern on them to help you count and precisely determine population levels.
For many insects like fungus gnats the traps are also very effective when laid horizontally across the rim of a pot or strung horizontally in the garden. The bugs are more attracted to landing on the flat surface! You can cut them into smaller pieces as needed.
They store indefinitely until you need them.
The total surface area of each individual trap is 56 square inches.
Non poisonous and weatherproof.
Cut to whatever size you like for your needs


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