Tree Guards

  • 4 Tree Wraps per order
  • To Use: Begin wrapping the tree truck at the base and move upward
  • Each wrap is 36" in length








  • Flexible and easy to install 36" long x 4" wide Mesh size is 3/4" x 3/4" Each strand about 1/8" x 1/
  • 8" x 1/8" UV treated Life expectancy of up to five years
  • Sold in multiples of 5 only.

Deer, squirrel, rabbits and woodchucks cannot bite or rub tree bark through this rigid plastic mesh. Trunks are shielded by open mesh, which prevents moisture and mildew build-up. Also, the protectors won't harbor insects and animals, and won't inhibit growth. These tubes are designed to blend in. Sold only in quantities of 5.



  • Insect control
  • Protects young trees from bark damage
  • Stretches with tree growth
  • Wraps 3-4 young trees
Your young tree is especially susceptible to bark splitting and scalding, which can attract insects and cause disease or sap loss. To safeguard your tree from these threats, Jobe's TreeWrap reflects heat and acts as a barrier to insects and rodents. This patented material insulates while allowing the free exchange of air and water. Simply wrap the base of your tree in overlapping spirals. TreeWrap will stretch as the tree grows providing long lasting protection. The roll is 4 inches wide with 20 feet of material.

Product Description

Jobes, 4" x 20', Tree Wrap, Creates A Barrier To Protect Trees From Cold, Sun, & Insects, Each Roll Wraps 3 To 4 Young Trees, No Fasteners Needed, Just Tuck In Material, Stretches With Tree Growth, Protects For Years.



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