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Repel Pigeons With Blast of Water

Water Spritzing Repeller For Pigeons
SCARECROW is a motion-activated water sprinkling device that repels pest animals such as pigeons by startling them with an unexpected spritz of water. SCARECROW is highly effective, is environmentally friendly and very humane. It does not hurt the animal. The effect of the sudden noise, movement and spray of water is both startling and immediate – animals quickly flee the area and avoid returning in the future! It will not activate for song-birds.

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Aggravating Pigeon With Repellents

Many of the products and materials available for repelling pigeons from buildings and bird feeders do not last very long in terms of their effectiveness. In general, any auditory or visual repellent for pigeons will only be effective for a few days to a week or two. Pigeons soon learn that plastic owls, aluminum foil twirlers and flashing lights are harmless or can be avoided. Pigeons do not seem to respond to exploding noises, flares or electronic calls. The solution is to vary the repelling mechanism every week or two until the pigeon gets completely disgusted and goes away for good. Two or three repelling devices should do the trick in the toughest situations.

Repel the Pigeon With Touch

Tanglefoot and such – does not work for under bird feeders but does work on ledges of roofs.

Repel the Pigeon With Fake Predators

Bird-Scaring Balloons - Bizarrely painted basketball-sized balloons are reportedly used in Japan to protect millions of acres of rice from birds. The balloons are hung from trees or on long poles, and they have several black and red "bullseye" markings on them (supposed to imitate the wing pattern of a moth having the ability to repel moth-eating birds). Just why the balloons scare crop-eating birds is not known, but trials in the U.S. and Canada have shown that the effect is real. Birds which form flocks, including starlings, grackles, crows, and pigeons, are controlled best. One or two balloons per home landscape are recommended to protect such crops as cherries, blueberries, strawberries and corn. These ballons should be suspended from poles made of bamboo, willow, popular or fiberglass. The ballons should be moved every seven to ten days.
Great Horned Owl model

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