Using Clematis In The Yard

Jackman Clematis cling readily and can be trained to climb trellises, arbors, fences, walls, stumps, light posts, or other vines. They will even spread over nearby shrubs or over the ground.

Cutting and Drying: Cut flowers for indoors. Scorch cut stems with a match to make the flowers last longer. Try floating them in a bowl of water. The cut flowers last as long as 10 days. Once they are arranged in their container, add a teaspoon of sugar per quart of water in the container to prolong freshness. For more information see the files on Keeping Cut Flowers and Cut Flower Supplies

Clematis seedpods are often used in decorative displays. Dried naturally, the seed heads are fluffy, white, and fragile. Dipped in a very thin varnish they will last longer. For more information see Drying Flowers and Flower Drying Supplies

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