Using Douglas Fir

Use of Douglas Fir In Landscape
Douglas firs are best displayed individually as specimen trees in a spacious yard. Planted in rows along borders, they make an effective screen. They are not suited for windbreaks however, being vulnerable to damage from high winds.
Container Gardening: Because these trees are commonly used as Christmas trees, nurseries usually have stock available that are either balled and burlapped or planted in containers. Properly cared for, these trees will live for several years in containers. Choose the smallest tree available and use at least a 2 or 3-gallon container. If it is fed periodically, kept moist and brought into the house only for a few days at Christmas time, a containerized Douglas fir should survive nicely. Gently pinch off half of its new growth on each branch each spring to shape it and slow its growth. It will also grow more slowly as it begins to crowd its container, and eventually it will become too heavy and unwieldy to bring indoors at holiday time. Plant it outdoors as described above and enjoy it for years in the landscape.

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