Using Insect Control Products Successfully

Success using insecticides comes quite easily with a little common sense. You should always, always, we say again, always use the product only as directed on the label. Yes, reading the label can be difficult even with a magnifying glass, but it is there to protect us and help us be successful.

No Need To Go Crazy, Guy on Right is Okay

The second rule is to dress properly. We use only insecticides that we feel are the least impactful to the environment. But just as we wear long pants to mow the lawn to protect from flying debris from the rotary mower, we wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt if we are going to use any insecticide for more than a few squirts here and there.

We don’t use insecticides near children and pets even though we know there is very likely no problem whatsoever; it is just good common sense. If pesticides have been applied to an area of the yard, then it is common sense to keep the kids and pets away for at least a few hours which is what it takes for the material to dry and no longer be a problem if brushed up against.

Some Tricks For Success

Spreader Stickers improve insecticide performance
Insecticides are often more effective if applied using an additive called a "spreader-sticker" or "wetting agent" which helps the insecticide adhere better to the plants being sprayed, insuring improved performance of the material.

Cleaning The Sprayer
When you finish your spray job it is wise to use a commercial sprayer cleaner to be sure there is absolutely no residual insecticide when you again use that same sprayer for a different pesticide product.

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