Using Oak In Landscape

The large Oaks, White Oaks, Red Oaks, Live Oaks and others are not really well suited for small residential properties. In maturity they grow out of proportion to the other plantings and the yard itself. However, these trees are among the best specimen or shade trees for large yards. Site them away from buildings out in the open where they have room to grow to their full size. Chinquapin Oaks are more appropriate for small yards.

Winter Interest - After their fall show of brilliant foliage color, huge, mature Oaks continue to compel interest. They stand regally in the winter landscape, testaments to beauty, strength, and longevity with their wide spreading branches and rough textured bark.

Red Oak is often used in furniture, for construction timbers and for finished flooring in homes and commercial buildings. It is one of our most widely used hardwood species now that the supply of White Oak has diminished.

Attracting Wildlife - Most Oaks produce acorns either every year or every two years. The nutmeat within the acorns is coveted by many songbirds and ground birds, such as wild turkey and ruffed grouse. Small mammals such as squirrels, chipmunks, and mice as well as deer and black bears are also acorn lovers. The trees provide shelter for a large variety of wildlife as well.

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