Varieties of Basil

Sweet Basil
Sweet Basil is the most popular culinary basil. It is great for pesto, spaghetti sauce, pizza, salads, dressing, and especially for any Italian dish. It is easy to grow and will produce leaves for picking all season long. It will grow from 18 inches to 24 inches in good soil. Some good varieties include ’Genovese’, ’Italian Pesto’, and ’Profuma di Genova’.

Genovese Basil Seeds Certified Organic

by Botanical Interests

  • The very best sweet basil for pesto
  • Organically certified seeds
  • Basil will not take any frost
  • Plants 3 twelve foot rows
  • Ocimum basilicum

This is the most popular Basil for pesto. In most areas of the country you should be able to harvest it at least three times. The trick is to start the seeds indoors and not to plant outside until your nights stay above 55 degrees. Contains enough seed for one 40' row.

Italian Pesto Basil Seeds 500 Seeds

by Renee's Garden

  • A full flavored Italian heirloom basil that is a prolific producer.
  • Keep the pinching off the leaves to use and don't let it flower.
  • Once basil flowers it will go to seed and there is truly nothing you can do about it.
  • Basil is extremely frost sensitive so don't put it outside until your night temperatures are at least 55 degrees.
  • Ocimum basilicum

When you first press basil seeds in the growing medium they will turn from brown to purple. Don't cover the seed as they need light to germinate.


Basil Seeds Dolce Vita Blend Certified Organic 500 Seeds

by Botanical Interests

  • Contains 6 different organic basil seeds
  • Cinnamon, Genovese, Tall Lemon
  • Mammoth and Purple Petra
  • Enough seeds for 3 eight foot rows
  • Ocimum basilicum var

Don't plant outside before your nights are above 55 degrees. This basil mix contains six different basils; Cinnamon, Genovese, Tall Lemon, Lime, Mammoth and Purple Petra. Remember basil can not stand any frost. It is the first to go in the autumn. There are enough seeds for 3 8 foot rows.

Ferry-Morse 2004 Basil Seeds, Dark Opal Purple (250 Milligram Packet)

by Ferry-morse

  • This Ferry-Morse seed packet contains dark opal basil which bloom annually
  • Guaranteed To Grow
  • 14-21 Days to Germination
  • Plant 1/4-inch Deep & 10-inch Plant Spacing
  • Includes one, 250-milligram packet

Annual Herb. An All-America winner. Distinctive, deep purple foliage, wonderful fragrance. Lovely in the flower garden. Or use it in flavored vinegar, as a garnish, or fresh in salads. Some plants may have green leaves. Great for a dramatic background combined with orange marigolds and blue ageratum. Or use as sweet basil. After all danger of frost, sow seeds in open ground well exposed. Cover with 1/8 inch soil. Or start indoors 6 weeks before last frost. Thin plants to 10 inches apart when they are 2 inches tall.

Dark Opal Ornamental Basil
This is an All America Selection winner which means it is a very high quality plant. It has regal, purple-black glossy foliage with pale pink flowers and a delicious aroma. It will grow to 18 inches. Use as a culinary herb giving the salad both good flavor and attractive appearance. This plant makes a great ornamental plant in the flower bed or as a border plant. Bees love the blossoms. Other purple basils include ’Rubin’, and ’Osmin’.


 Basil Thai Siam Queen Heirloom Seeds 150 Seeds

  • Quite a distinct licorice flavor for basil.
  • Don't cover the seeds as they need light to germinate
  • Basil plants will not take any frost.
  • This packet plants one eight foot row.
  • Ocimum basilicum



'Magical Michael' Sweet Basil
2002 AAS Vegetable Award Winner

An ornamental, edible sweet basil with a clearly refined plant size and shape, 'Magical Michael' plants are uniform and reliably 15 inches tall and 16-17 inches wide. This uniformity is rare in sweet basil plants. The lush aromatic, green leaves can be harvested within 30 days of transplanting and are rich in essential oils for cooking. Plants may flower when mature in about 80 to 90 days from seed. The small flowers are a curiosity since the calices are purple and corollas white. They are attractive for use as a garnish, adding color to any salad.

Cinnamon Basil
Cinnamon basil has tempting scent and flavor, with attractive purple growing tips and flowers. It will grow to be 24 to 30 inches tall in good soil. Use as this herb just as you would use sweet basil. It makes a great addition to a fragrance garden. This is an annual that will need planting each year.

Lemon Basil
The petite leaves and plants of lemon basil have a fresh citrus-spice aroma! Use as a culinary herb or use as an ornamental border in the flower bed. It will grow to only about 12 inches so it makes a wonderful compact border plant. Some varieties to try include ’Mrs. Burns’

'Sweet Dani' Lemon Basil
1998 AAS Vegetable Award Winner
Lemon Basil 'Sweet Dani' Greatly improved aromatic herb desirable for culinary and ornamental use. Strong lemon scent. Easy to grow from seed or bedding plant. Best in full sun garden.

Miniature Basil
While not as useful in the kitchen, these compact basils make excellent plants for the front of a flower border. Some varieties include ’Dwarf Bouquet’, ’Piccolo’, ’Dwarf Bush Fine Leaf’, and ’Green Globe’.

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