Week 11 In Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Tip For Week 11 (Mar 14th – 20th)


When Starting Seeds Indoors Soak Those Seeds First; Makes a Big Difference

Presoaking Vegetable Seeds With Seaweed Extract - Virtually all seeds presoaked in a dilute seaweed-extract solution for 30 minutes have a better germination rate than untreated seeds. Scientists think that something in the seaweed may increase the respiratory activity of the seeds. To treat seeds, stir 1/4 teaspoon of extract into 1 quart of luke-warm water. Do not use a more concentrated solution and don't soak for more than 30 minutes, or the benefits will be lost. In some cases, it may be easier to simply mist the seeds with that same mixture, about 30 minutes before planting. Seeds presoaked in a seaweed extract tend to have faster root growth after they sprout, as well.

You get the same benefit when you pre-soak seeds going directly into the soil. For more information about starting seeds indoors click here.

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