Which Insects Does It Repel?

The insects in this list are those that have been successfully repelled by farmers or gardeners in the past few years. Ongoing research and experimentation by farmers and gardeners will expand this list considerably. We feel that since Garlic Barrier is completely harmless to beneficial insects, to people, to pets, and to plants, it is appropriate to try Garlic Barrier to fight other insects not included in this list to see what happens.

Use Garlic Barrier For The Little Bugs
For us the “little” bugs include what are called soft-bodied insects. The group includes aphids, mites, mealybugs, whiteflies, and scale. It just so happens that these are the five most common houseplant insect problems. Garlic Barrier has been used successfully against all of these pests.

Use Garlic Barrier For The Common Lawn Insects
There have been a number of success stories using Garlic Barrier to fight chinch bugs and mole crickets. We believe that if those lawn insects were successfully repelled, then the product can be tried on sod webworms, billbugs, armyworms, and cutworms in the lawn.

Use Garlic Barrier To Protect Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes
Garlic Barrier has been successful in repelling the codling moth on apple trees and the peach twig borer on peach trees. It has also been successful repelling birds from cherry trees. We believe that it is worth trying Garlic Barrier to protect blueberry bushes and raspberry bushes from birds and insects.

Use Garlic Barrier To Protect Key Plants in the Vegetable Garden
There are three common vegetable garden pests that we believe may be excellent targets for Garlic Barrier. Cucumber beetles, squash bugs and squash vine borers are insects that are very hard to repel and when they do strike they can bring in a viral disease that kills a squash plant or a cucumber plant in days. If those plants are sprayed with Garlic Barrier before the emergence of those three pests, we believe you will have a better crop.

Which Pest Animals does it control?
Garlic Barrier has been used successfully by a number of farmer to repel gophers and to repel deer. We suspect that Garlic Barrier would be successful in repelling many pest animals and birds, however we believe that for long term success, a number of repellents have to be used to aggravate a pest animal enough to stay away permanently

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