Tulip Care: The Dos for Gorgeous Blooms

By Sourav - May-08-2023
Tulips have an interesting history, a single tulip bulb cost as much as a house in the Netherlands during the 1600s. And tulips have a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns. Check out how to care for your tulips

There are several factors involved in caring for tulips, such as planting depth, regular watering, and avoiding over-fertilization. We have discussed the sections in the following post:

1. Watering Tulips

Plant Tulips just before a good soaking rain and water them to get them started. In the summer, water frequently, and once a week in hot, dry weather. Check this page if you would help with choosing Watering Equipment    

2. Fertilizing Tulips

If you want to encourage your tulips to bloom again next spring plan to feed them twice a year--in the early fall and again in the early spring just after they start to emerge from the ground and before they bloom. Important: Do NOT feed tulips immediately after they flower, this just encourages disease.  

3. Mulching Tulips

Mulch the bulb bed with 1 or 2 inches of organic material to control weeds, conserve soil moisture, prevent dirt from splashing up, and improve the soil. Go easy with the mulch and move it aside when the weather improves in early spring. For more information see the file at Mulching in the Yard

4. Pruning or Grooming

Tulips Pinch off dead flowers before they go to seed, leave stems and leaves to die back, and plant tulips among low-growing green shrubs, ground covers or perennials to mask the dying foliage.   

5. Staking Tulips

Staking new hybrids with top-heavy flowers is necessary to prevent them from being knocked over by spring winds and heavy rain.   

6. Propagating Tulips

Tulips produce offsets each year, which need to be divided or thinned after 2 or 3 years in a bed. To acquire more bulbs from offsets, dig up the mature bulbs and separate them from the parent bulbs.

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