Bed Bug Treatment

Question From: N. Ydor - NEBRASKA
Q: Do you know of a product to kill bed bugs? One that works? I have researched online but I find most troubling to find most will harm humans and almost nothing stops bed bugs dead. Indoors pest. Live in USA. Someone needs to do more to help this pest problem. After reading online it seems there are very few options now to kill them. They're spreading round the world. Nothing seems to be able to stop them. I've read online about almost every biological and spray. And heat treatment is not always an option for low income people and might not be 100% as some blog sites say. Researchers needs to work out this pest problem.

A: Unfortunately I cannot help you with this problem as I fortunately have not experience with it. Here is an article from the EPA on bed bug treatment and I suggest you keep searching online. Good luck! Best Nancy