Accessories For Hoses

Hose Connectors

Normally, when you attach a hose to the spigot, you join the female end of the hose to the male opening of the spigot and screw the hose on with four or five twists of your fingers. Hose connectors simplify this task. There is a connector device already on the spigot and a connector device already on your hose. When you want to connect the hose, you simply push the hose up into the device on the spigot and the hose is attached, no leaking! These devices come in brass or plastic. They are very handy if you have a need to move a hose around from spigot to spigot. They also help in attaching or detaching a spinkling device from the end of the hose. They save time and scraped knuckles.

  • Nelson hose connector fits standard garden hoses, outdoor faucets, and watering products
  • Includes 1 female fitting and 1 male fitting
  • Made of an all brass body
  • Thread size: 3/4-8 NH
  • The LR Nelson Hose Quick Connectors make connecting garden hoses a breeze. Each pack comes with one female and one male connector, and are designed to fit standard garden hoses, outdoor faucets, and watering products.

    Product Description

    Garden Hose Quick Disconnects Garden Hose Fitting Type: Male and Female Fittings Thread Size: 3/4-8 NH Material: Brass

 Hose Nozzles

The nozzle is the device you put at the end of the hose to apply the water to your target in whatever form you desire. Nozzles can be adjusted to give a long course spray or a fine misting spray. Wands are not usually adjustable but offer excellent reach and easy application of water to containers, flower beds, and any other place where you want to get the water to a specific spot.


  • Great Cleanup Nozzle for walkways, patios, gutters and more
  • Multiple spray patterns and flow volume are at your fingertips
  • Twisting barrel adjusts water from fan to cone spray to powerful stream
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. from solid brass
  • The Adjustable Hose Nozzle is great for cleaning walkways, patios decks and more. Multiple spray patterns and flow volume are at your fingertips. Twist the barrel to adjust the water pattern from a fine, cone-shaped spray to a powerful stream. Twist the barrel back and the water is off. Look for Dramm’s full line of hose and hose end accessories also available on





  • Durable, five-pattern spray nozzle turns any standard garden hose into multifunction spray tool
  • Rust-proof, leak-proof stainless steel design withstands years of use
  • Fire hose nozzle construction
  • Unique patented two-way shut off for added convenience
  • 1 year warranty
  • Product Description

    Tired of garden hose spray nozzles that leak, clog, or soak you with unpredictable sputters? Step up to professional quality with the Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle from Bon-Aire. Built tough for a lifetime of use, this spray nozzle is virtually indestructible and leak-proof. The patented two-way shutoff system and ergonomically designed comfort grip make it easy for everyone to use. With five different spray patterns, the Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle provides you with the perfect stream of water for virtually any task.

    Use the high-pressure setting to tackle tough jobs.
    The Perfect Stream of Water for Any Job
    Whether you're gardening, washing the car, or taking on a larger project, the Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle is the perfect accessory sprayer. It screws on to any standard garden hose and turns it into a flexible, multi-function spray tool. Modeled after the kind of nozzle that professional firefighters use, the Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle has five different spray patterns that can tackle a variety of jobs. Use the near-solid jet stream setting to power away tough dirt and grime, or choose the wide fan spray to saturate broad areas quickly. You can even water delicate plants with the gentle soak setting.

    Not only is the Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle flexible, it's easy to use too. Just twist the ergonomic control grip to select your spray pattern. The unique, patented two-way shut-off makes stopping the flow of water a snap as well--simply twist the grip in either direction. Soft and comfortable to hold, the rubberized control grip also serves to protect any object the nozzle may accidentally bump against.

    The gentle soak setting is perfect for delicate plants.
    Built With Steel for a Lifetime of Use
    This model of the Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle is engineered from stainless steel and high-grade fiberglass, making it even more durable than the aluminum Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle. Virtually indestructible, it's built tough to provide you years of use without breaking, rusting, or leaking. This rugged design is also elegant in its simplicity, allowing you to easily take the Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle apart with a 5/32" Hex driver should it become clogged or need servicing.

    Product Description

    This multifunctional spray nozzle from Bon-Aire will be the only nozzle you will ever need, giving you the perfect stream of water for any job and in 5 different patterns. Engineered from stainless steel and high-grade fiberglass — making this tool virtually indestructible, leak proof and it will never rust. The Patented 2-way shut-off feature in both directions and Bon-Aire ergonomics rubberized comfort grip, makes watering a breeze. The Bon-Aire ORIGINAL ULTIMATE Hose Nozzle fits any standard garden hose (5/8 in or larger recommended for optimal performance).


Spigot Extension Devices

What happens if your home has only one spigot for watering and it is located by the back door? That means you must either buy enough hose to reach around to the front yard, or you can by a spigot-extending device to make that switch a bit easier. There are a number of products on the market that allow you to set up a remote spigot in your yard. You will have to have a feeder line to that remote spigot, but for folks with a quarter of an acre or more, these devices deserve some review. Often the feeder line is buried under the sod. The other option of course is to hire the plumber to come and give you a spigot in the front of the house. The comparison in price between the device and the plumber is not worth even mentioning. Plumbers are expensive.




Hose Guides

Hose guides are only important if you have a need to move your hose around the yard as you are taking care of your routine watering tasks. Hose guides are designed to solve that problem when you pull you hose to a new spot and inadvertently pull the hose right over the spouse’s favorite flower bed. Guides are placed in the ground at strategic spots to keep the hose from rolling over delicate areas such as the spouse’s favorite flower bed. Guides can be functional as well as decorative depending on how much money you want to spend. If you want to save some money, you can make perfectly effective hose guides with strong bamboo stakes or metal rods of some kind, driven into the ground at key spots in the yard.

Hose Storage Devices

Perhaps the most frustrating part of using a garden hose, not counting kinking, is finding a way to store it easily so it will be easy to use again next time. There are all manner of hose caddy designs on the market, and the problem is that you can’t usually test them until you buy them and bring them home.

The most important criteria in making your choice is buying a device that will hold the amount of hose you wish to store. Some devices store 50 feet while others hold 100 feet. That can be an important difference in your decision.

Hose storage can be some device attached to the wall that allows you to simply coil the hose on it until you need it again. Then we have the traveling devices on wheels that are designed to help you get your hose where you need it before unwinding it. This device assumes you have a number of faucets.

In the end, this tool becomes a personal choice. Our advice is to see how a particular storage device really works at a friends house, or in the store before you buy it.

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