Beet Seed Tape


Seed Tape, Set of 4 Includes three tapes of beets

by Gardener's Supply Company

Seed Tapes are the perfect, no-waste way to plant where space really counts — in containers, raised beds, or small gardens. Each strip of biodegradable paper is embedded with perfectly spaced seeds; simply unroll into a planting furrow and cover. Planting is precise, there's little or no thinning needed, and the germination rate is outstanding. Seed This set of 4 Seed Tape includes three tapes each of Carrot (Amsterdam Forcing 3), Radish (French Breakfast), Lettuce (Webb's Wonderful) and Beet (Boltardy). Save when you buy this set of 4 seed varieties Seed tapes are a terrific way to plant small gardens and raised beds Also ideal for mid-season succession planting between rows Seeds are evenly spaced and embedded in biodegradable paper tape

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