Bigeyed Bug

Bigeyed bugs are found in most parts of the country and are particularly helpful in controlling lawn pests. They are common in western North America and the southern US, extending northward to Illinois and Maryland.

Among the pests they like to eat are:
• In The Lawn - lygus bugs, chinch bugs, aphids , sod web-worms and other turfgrass pests.
• In The Yard– aphids, thrips, leafhoppers and plant bugs.
• In The Vegetable Garden – aphids, spider mites, Mexican bean beetle, corn earworm, tarnished plant bug and other small caterpillars,

Description of Bigeyed Bug
These good guys are fast-moving bugs with large eyes, minute black spots on its head and thorax (area behind head). They are black, gray or tan. The nymphs are similar but do not have wings. They look somewhat like the tarnish plant bug.

Where Can We Find Them?
Bigeyed bugs work mostly during the day. When disturbed, adults and nymphs both drop to the ground, much the same way as Japanese beetles do. Adults over-winter in brush piles and mulch. .

Keeping Bigeyed Bugs Around
Besides having lots of mulch and maybe a brush pile handy, you can attract these bugs with lots of flowers. In the flower bed try yarrow, and sweet alyssum, Mexican tea, and oleander.

In the weed patch have alfalfa and goldenrod; and pigweed. Queen Ann’s lace and goldenrod are favorite plants for these bugs to lay eggs

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