Choosing Varieties of Sweet Pepper

Best Regional Choices
Sweet, bell peppers are available in a stunning number of varieties. The problem is that all of those varieties will not necessarily do equally well in your particular backyard. There are probably a number of varieties that are perfect for the climate and soil conditions found in your yard; the trick is how to find those perfect varieties. The reason to search for the best variety is that it will suffer less stress and therefore the plant is less likely to have disease or insect problems. The flavor and nutritional value of the fruit will also be superior.

In the case of peppers grown in most parts of the country, the proper variety will help avoid the problem of blossom (drop)in July and August heat.

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Good Source of Info On Sweet Pepper Varieties
For excellent info on the best Sweet Pepper varieties by state go to the vegetable variety data collection project at Cornell University - We urge you to join this valuable site and contribute your own ratings of varieties.


Keystone Resistant Giant Sweet Pepper Seeds - Capsicum Annuum - 1 Grams - Approx 143 Gardening Seeds - Vegetable Garden Seed

by Generic Seeds

  • Capsicum annuum
  • 1 Grams: Approx 143 Seeds
  • Germination Rate: 73% - Purity: 99% - Country of Origin: USA
  • Days Until Harvest: 70

The Keystone Resistant Giant pepper is a large variety with thick walled fruits. The fruits grow up to 5" and have 4 distinct chambers.


Certified Organic California Wonder Sweet Pepper Seeds

by Botanical Interests

  • This is the best pepper for stuffing.
  • The longer you let this pepper on the vine the redder it will get.

This heirloom sweet pepper is not only used for stuffing but also fresh for vegetable trays.



Red Cherry Sweet Sweet Pepper Seeds - Capsicum Annuum - 1 Grams - Approx 180 Gardening Seeds - Vegetable Garden Seed

by Generic Seeds

  • Capsicum annuum
  • 1 Grams: Approx 180 Seeds
  • Germination Rate: 99% - Purity: 99% - Country of Origin: USA
  • Days Until Harvest: 85

The Red Cherry sweet pepper has small roundish fruits about 1.5" across. The peppers are delicious either red or green and go great in salads. Also a great pepper for pickling.

Pepper Sweet Purple Beauty Seed

by Botanical Interests

  • Purple bell pepper variety
  • Peppers grow to 3.5 inches long
  • Fruits eventually mature to red
  • 200 milligram seed package
  • Capsicum annuum

Add some color to your vegetable garden by adding the Sweet Purple Beauty. This compact plant produces peppers that are 3.5 inches long, but are extra wide. The sweet flavor is sure to please. The peppers will mature to a deep red color if left to fully mature, so pick them a little early if you desire the purple color. For a little "magic" in the kitchen, cook the purple peppers and watch them turn green as they cook! This seed comes in a 200 milligram seed package.

Burpee Sweet Carnival Pepper - 50 Seeds

by Hirts: Seed; Pepper

  • Burpee Exclusive!
  • Full Sun
  • Days to Maturity: 70
  • Mature Height: 18-24"

Pepper, Sweet Carnival Mix. Five different, colorful bell peppers for the price of one. Burpee Exclusive. Customer Favorite! When you plant a packet, some will turn out gold or orange and others will be red, purple or ivory. Most start out green and are tasty as soon as they reach full size; a few weeks later their full ripe color will show. These are all classic big bell hybrids: Early Sunsation, Purple Beauty, Orange Sun, Big Red and Diamond. High yielding and a terrific value.


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