Early Harvest Tomato Seeds

Every gardener wants to the first in the neighborhood to harvest a nice ripe red tomato.  Early July in our zone 5 area is usually our time to try.  The varieties included here all will ripen sooner than most tomatoes.

Ferry-Morse Seeds 2061 Tomato - Early Girl Hybrid 550 Milligram Packet

by Ferry-morse

  • Indeterminate Variety
  • Guaranteed To Grow
  • 52 Days to Harvest
  • Plant 1/4-inch Deep, 2-1/2-foot Row Spacing & 2-foot Plant Spacing
  • Tomato Early Girl Hybrid: Bears heavy crops extremely early and continues longer than most varieties. Matures in 59 days. Large clusters of 5 oz. fruits. Globe to slightly flattened shape. Bright red and meaty with a lot of flavor and aroma. Indeterminate.



Fourth of July Hybrid Tomato 25 Seeds - Early Variety!

by Hirt's

The first tomato to ripen by Independence Day!

Be the first on your block to have vine-ripened red, luscious tomatoes by the Fourth of July. Enjoy the plentiful harvest about 49 days after setting plants in the garden. Indeterminate plants produce fruits that average 4 ounces all season long.


GARDEN HINTS: Grow in full sun where the soil has been amended with plenty of compost or other organic matter.

Organic Early Red Chief Tomato - 50 Seeds

by Hirt's

Early Red Chief Tomato
Lycopersicon esculentum
5-7 oz. Tender Annual

A delicious, firm slicing tomato. Prolific early vines are inderminate, but need no trellising.

Planting Depth: 1/2"
Soil Temp. for Germ.: 70-85 F
Days to Germ.: 10-14
Plant Spacing: 2'-3'
Days to Maturity: 70
Full Sun
Moderate Water
Pack weight .140gms
~ 50 seeds

Siberian Tomato 25 Seeds - Early - Good Strong Flavor

by Hirt's

Dwarf sprawling plants with very early sets of fruits. Introduced through SSE in 1984 by Will Bonsall, originally from the Lowden Collection. Egg-shaped 2-3" fruits, good strong flavor. Not to be confused with Siberia, Siberian is superior in all qualities. Determinate, 57-60 days. CERTIFIED ORGANIC

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