Hydroponic Growing Systems & Supplies

Don't let anyone tell you hydroponics are easy.  They are not.  They need more technical knowledge to be successful compared to the knowledge you need for the garden.  The systems are very fragile in terms of the need to be watching and managing almost daily and if you let one component get out of kilter, you may lose the whole crop.

On the other hand, you can grow almost anything in a hydroponic system and you can do it in your basement in the middle of the winter.  Plants grow more quickly in a hydropoic evnironmnet so things like herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes are all common hydroponic crops. 

Once you get to understand the basics of hydroponic growing, then it becomes easy.  When you know what you are doing, the system does not take much time each day to manage.  The lights go on and off automaticaly.  Nutrients are not needed every day.  Water does not need to added every day.  An so just as with a vegetable garden you have managed for a couple of years, keeping it going and being successful is not difficult. 

As most new experiences it is wise to start your hydroponic experience with systems that are simple to understand and manage.  That is what we show you in the buttons up to the left. 

So give hydroponics a try. 


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