Hydroponic Parsley

Growing Hydroponic Parsley
Both the Curly and the Italian parslies lend themselves to hydroponic growing conditions.

Getting Started With Parsley
Buy seedlings or start your own seedlings from seed.

Light Requirements
Outdoors - Parsley likes to have full sun, but will perform adequately in partial shade.
Indoors- Parsley will grow in a south facing window using only natural light, but for best production and flavor artificial lighting is best. Parsley grows well under fluorescent lights and even better under high intensity lights.

Pruning - As it does out in the garden, Parsley will grow larger and more bushy if you harvest or "prune" it regularly.

Feeding - ?????

More Information - For complete instructions for hydroponic growing techniques go to Hydroponic Gardening and for all equipment and supplies go to Hydroponic Equipment in the Yardener's Tool Shed.

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