Kohlrabi Seeds

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3,000+ Early White Vienna Kohlrabi Seeds By Seed Needs

by Seed Needs

  • Sowing: Direct seed as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. For harvests in fall and early winter, sow again in late July or August, covering seeds 1/2" (12mm).
  • Care: Water regularly and fertilize when plants are 4" (10cm) tall.
  • Harvest: Best harvested when globe is less than 3" (7.5cm) across. Pull the entire plant and cut off the leaves and root Peel before eating.
  • Your Health: Supplies moderate amounts of potassium and vitamin C.

This unusual plant produces a light green, swollen, globe-shaped stem just above ground. The globe has a mild, sweet taste that is best during cool weather. The crisp texture and sweet taste make it perfect for use fresh in salads or with dips, can also be cooked by steaming or boiling. Plants are attractive in flowerbeds.


Kohlrabi Seeds - 'Purple Vienna' Vegetable Seed Packet (250 Seeds)

by Everwilde Farms, Inc.


Purple Vienna is standard home garden and market kohlrabi variety with deep purple skin and crisp greenish-white flesh. Mild flesh is great cooked or fresh. Bulbs become fibrous as they mature, so for best quality, harvest at 2 to 2 ½ inches in diameter. Approximately 55 days from sowing to mature bulbs.




Worlds Largest Kohlrabi 20 Seeds 60+lb

by Hirt's


Gigante Czechoslovakian Kohlrabi
Huge, 10 in diameter the weight regularly exceeds 10 pounds. The world record is 62 pounds with leaves included. Its claim to fame is not only its size but its extraordinary quality. The crisp white flesh is tender and mild-flavored with no tough or woody fiber. Seed is best sown in early spring. Serve with a dip; grated ice or chunk in salads. The abundant greens may be prepared as you would collards or kale. Stores well. Huge Czechoslovakian heirloom. Remarkably, it never gets tough or woody. Eating quality is superb with tender, mild-flavored white flesh. Greens can be eaten like collards or kale. Store in moist sand or peat moss in a cool location. Central Europeans make their own version of Sauerkraut using Gigante.


Kohlrabi Eder F1 120 Seeds per Packet

by JSS

  • Days to Maturity or Bloom: 38
  • Hybrid

Extra-early white. Tender and fast maturing

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