Linden (Tilia sp.)
Linden trees are large shade trees with good foliage and attractive winter trunks. They are justifiably highly valued as among the best of our shade trees. There are several kinds of Lindens. Native to Europe and very popular there, the Littleleaf Linden (Tilia cordata) is commonly sheared into tall hedges for formal gardens. The Silver Linden (Tilia tomentosa) is attractive because of the silvery color of the undersides of its leaves. The American Linden (Tilia americana), also commonly known as Basswood, is effective as a street tree and a specimen tree on residential property. It is, however, larger leafed and coarser appearing than its European cousins. I think it also suffers from having too many local names. In various parts of the country you will find folks referring to basswood, whitewood, bass tree, black lime tree, American lin tree, American lime tree, beetree, daddynut tree, monkeynut tree, whistlewood, white lind, red basswood, yellow basswood, and last but not least wickup. I guess the name “Linden” is used mostly by horticulturists and arborists who are more picky about plant names.

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