Problems of Blueberries

Possible Problems of Blueberries

Symptoms       Probable Cause
Fruit ripens earlier; shriveled berries on ground; berries have circular indentation - Plum Curculios

Small misshapen fruits - Larvae Of Fruit Flies

Holes in leaves and flowers eaten - Japanese Beetles

Plants grow slowly; stunted; edge of leaves chewed - Root Weevils

Plant stunted, leaves yellowed, lesions on roots - Nematodes

Leaves yellow, drop; bumps on leaves and stems; sometimes sticky material on leaves - Scale

Soft, watery spots appear on stems, leaves or fruit; fuzzy white or gray mold forms. - Gray Mold, A Fungal Disease

White spots on leaves; eventually entire leaf is covered with powder - Powdery Mildew, A Fungal Disease

Large loss of fruit - Birds, Especially Catbirds

Plants disappear all or in part; twigs chewed off - Deer or rabbits

Loss of ripening fruit - Squirrels

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