Problems of Paper Birch

Problems of Paper Birch
SymptomsProbable Causes
Tree branches breakWinter Damage
Leaves curled and distortedAphids
Black powdery sooty mold fungus forms on honeydew; branches may die if problem continuesAnts Herding Aphids For Their Honeydew
Small holes in bark and stems surrounded by sawdustBronze Birch Borer
Trees defoliated, brown egg cases appear on trunkLarvae Of Gypsy Moth
Tip of leaves brown, internal larvae trails visible. Sometimes leaves skeletonized and rolled upBirch Leafminers
Leaves skeletonizedBirch Skeletonizer
Holes in leavesLoopers
Water-soaked lesions on branchesCanker, A Bacterial Disease
Upper branches deadDieback, A Fungal Disease
Shelf-like growths on trunksWood Rot, A Bacterial Disease
Leaves blistered and curled upLeaf Blister, A Fungal Disease
Leaves spotted; turn brownLeaf Spot, A Fungal Disease
Leaves have powdery spotsRust, A Fungal Disease
On young trees foliage looks burnedDog Urine
Bark of stems and roots gnawedRodent Injury
When young portions of foliage disappear, or young tips disappear, bark peeled in stripsDeer

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