Problems of Plum Trees







Possible Problems Of Plum Trees

Symptoms       Probable Cause

Leaves curled and discolored; honeydew evident on undersides of leaves, sometimes sooty mold forms - Aphids

Black sooty mold on honeydew made by ants herding aphids. - Ants Herding Aphids

Many holes in trunk and branches; small limbs girdled sawdust at holes - Borers

Skeletonized leaves - Cankerworms

Ends of twigs die and fall off - Cicada

Fruit falls, crescent –shaped cuts in skin of fruit - Curculios

Small misshapen fruits - Larvae Of Fruit Flies

Holes in leaves and flowers - Japanese Beetles

Holes in flowers; leaves rolled up - Leafrollers

Cottony white masses on roots, stems, branches leaves; reduced plant vigor - Mealybugs

Weaken plant, stunting growth, fewer blooms and fruit.  - Sawflies

Leaves yellow, drop; bumps on leaves and stems; sometimes sticky material on leaves - Scale

Leaves stippled, yellow, dirty; webbing on interior stems of plant - Spider Mites

Webbed nest in tree branches filled with caterpillars - Tent Caterpillars

Much foliage is eaten starting from top of tree down - Caterpillar Of Tussock Moth

Small brown spot; fruit matures and spot enlarges to rot part or all of fruit - Brown Rot Of Stone Fruit

Roots, stems and/or crowns develop tumors (galls); outer layer turns brown and corky. - Crown Gall

Fan-shaped plaques of white fungal strands between bark and wood of roots and lower trunk; armillaria mellea - Oak Root Fungus

White spots on leaves; eventually entire leaf is covered with powder - Powdery Mildew, A Fungal Disease

Orange or brown pustules on leaves - Rust, A Fungal Disease

Skin pecked and portion of fruit eaten - Birds

Young tree seedlings wilt, roots gnawed, plant dies - Pocket Gophers




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