Rasberry Trellis System

Raspberry Trellis or Support System
All raspberries benefit from some type of support system, because canes are susceptible to wind whipping, particularly when the fruit is present. Both types of raspberry need to have some kind of support system to keep from falling over and making it very difficult to harvest fruit. A trellis also allows easier access for proper pruning.

In our experience the very best trellis for both types of raspberry is what I call the “T” and wire system. This rig is easy to build.

As you can see in the illustration the 4 x 4" posts have one or two 2 x 4" cross pieces at the ends of which the wire is attached (the illustration shows just one cross piece).  You don’t want the “T” posts be farther apart than 12 feet so the wires do not need to much restraint.  Notice at each end of the trellis are guide wires that hold the posts vertical. 

Boxed Raised Bed Is Very Attractive

We found that by building a boxed raised bed 3 feet wide with 2 x 10" pressure treated sides 8 inches above the ground. The portion of the board below the level of the soil helps to keep the suckers from becoming a problem.  Having a boxed bed allows you to use only as much mulch and as much fertilizer as you need; no waste. 

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