Seeds for early cabbage

Seeds for Early Cabbage


1 Oz Cabbage Seeds - 'Copenhagen Market Early' Bulk Vegetable Seeds

by Everwilde Farms, Inc.

This early Cabbage variety holds up longer without splitting than any other variety! Great size, great flavor, and great for the home garden! Matures in 65 days.





Cabbage Seeds - 'Early Jersey Wakefield' Vegetable Seed Packet (500 Seeds)

by Everwilde Farms, Inc.

Early Jersey Wakefield is an early variety of cabbage with pointed heads that resist splitting! Popular for excellent flavor, this is a great heirloom Cabbage for the home vegetable garden! Approximately 60 days to maturity. Heads average 2-3 lbs.



1 Oz Cabbage Seeds - 'Early Round Dutch' Bulk Vegetable Seeds

by Everwilde Farms, Inc.

Early Round Dutch cabbage produces 4 to 5 pound heads with good wrapper leaves. Nice and early, slow to bolt and full of great flavor! Dark blue-green leaves. Averages 70 days to maturity.

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