Seeds for red cabbage

Seeds For Red Cabbage


Red Acre Cabbage 100 Seeds - GARDEN FRESH PACK!

by Hirt's

This red round head cabbage is easily grown and versatile in use. Heads are about 6 to 7 inches in diameter on compact plants about a foot high. Its firm head is excellent cooked or raw in stews and salads.

Approximately 65 days till maturity from transplant.




Red Drumhead Cabbage 150 Seeds - Heirloom - Veggie

by Hirt's

Red Drumhead Cabbage
Brassica oleracea
3-5 lb. Hardy Biennial

This hardy heirloom from the 1860s stores well and is remarkably sweet with a deep purple-red color. Tasty raw and renowned for cooking and pickling, it holds color well even when pickled. Widely adapted to a range of climates. Start indoors 4-6 weeks before transplanting into rows 15 in. apart in early spring. Can be direct seeded in early spring for a late fall harvest, sowing 1 seed/in.

Planting Depth: 1/4"-1/2"
Soil Temp. for Germ.: 45-85 F
Days to Germ.: 3-10
Plant Spacing: 12"-18"
Days to Maturity: 90-100
Full Sun
Moderate Water
Pack weight .750gms ~ 150 seeds


Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage Seeds - Brassica Oleracea Var. Capitata - 0.5 Grams - Approx 100 Gardening Seeds - Vegetable Garden Seed

by Generic Seeds

  • Brassica oleracea var. capitata
  • 0.5 Grams: Approx 100 Seeds
  • Germination Rate: 97% - Purity: 99% - Country of Origin: USA
  • Days Until Harvest: 110
  • Generic Seeds: The Same High Quality Seeds Made By Mother Nature Just in Cheaper Packaging

The Mammoth Red Rock is slightly flattened with globes up to 10" across. The red cabbage heads are solid red all the way to the core. The Mammoth Red Rock is a good storing variety.

Cabbage Ruby Perfection Hybrid 100 Seeds per Packet

by JSS

Fancy fall storage red. The No. 1 mid-late red cabbage. The heads are medium-sized, dense, and a uniform high-round shape with good wrapper leaves. Good field holding ability. Matures just in time for late summer crops or fall harvest for medium-term storage. Resistance to thrips

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