Special Hoses For Special Tasks

House Plant or Indoor Hose

This is a miniature version of a garden hose, and can be constructed from simple PVC tubing or may be a several-ply design. Indoor hoses come in long lengths, allowing you to take them to several rooms while attached to the kitchen faucet. The watering end is usually a foot-long wand to deliver a gentle spray of water to indoor plants.

Soaker Hoses

We mention soaker hoses in this file, simply to warn you that they are not designed to move water from one place to another, without leaking. They are designed to water plants all along the length of the hose. This hose is designed to do what you hope a regular hose won't do--leak, or sweat all along its length.

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Types of Drip Systems

Drip or Soaker Watering Systems

Using A Soaker Hose.

Drip or Soaker System Accessories

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