Threadleaf Japanese Maple

Threadleaf Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum dissectum)

lso known as the Laceleaf or Cutleaf Japanese Maple, these “thread” leaf forms of Japanese Maple have the most finely divided leaves in the family. These are a wide-spreading, round-headed form which wants to branch to the ground with its weeping tendency. Their texture, form and seasonal changes are outstanding, as is the winter-exposed branch structure as the tree approaches maturity. The trees in this group seldom grow taller than six feet. One of the best ways to highlight this plant is to put it in a raised container, so its true beauty is at about eye level.

Threadleaf Japanese Maple Choices
Garnet has a weeping red-orange foliage, showing a pinkish hue from a distance. Oshio Beni is bright red spring and fall, less brilliant in the summer. Tamukeyama foliage is so deeply cut it is feathery and weeps in intense scarlet in the fall. Flavescens has a weeping habit, a dwarf at only 6 feet tall, foliage changes in seasons from light to emerald green then yellow-orange in the fall. Ornatum also has extraordinary lacy foliage.

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