Bumble Bees

Identifying Bumble Bees
Bumble bees are large, “furry”, yellow and black insects often seen visiting flowers. They are about the size of your first joint on your thumb. These bees are not particularly aggressive, but will sting if their nest or entrance is disturbed or if they are grabbed in the air by an unsuspecting toddler. Their small nests are often buildt in abandoned mouseholes, and for this reason they are most commonly encountered out in the yard. Bumble bee nests are anual and only reproductive femals (queens) overwinter.

Controlling Bumble Bees With Insecticides
If the bees are a problem you should try to kill the whole colony. The easiest tool is an aerosol form of a pyrethroid insecticide, usually labeled as a wasp and hornet killer. The insecticide is most effective when applied in the early evening when all of the individual bees are in the nest. Cool temperatures (below 60 degrees ) are also helpful since such temperatures slow nest activity. Sometimes it takes two applications on succeeding nights to be successful.

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