Problems of Summer Squash

Possible Problems of Summer Squash

Symptoms       Probable Cause

Meager harvest          Few Male Blossoms

Leaves wrinkled or curled; discolored, stunted, tend to fall off          Aphids

Holes in leaves          Corn Earworms

Holes chewed in leaves, leaf stalk, stems; plant wilts, dies.          Cucumber Beetles

Foliage yellowed or white mottling, glaze of honeydew; plant weakens          Leafhopper

Leaves skeletonized          Mexican Bean Beetle

Wilted; dried-up leaves          Squash Bugs

Sudden wilting of plant          Squash Vine Borer

Leaves discolored; black fecal spots on underside of leaf.          Thrips

Weakened plants; yellow leaves; leaves discolored; covered with honeydew          Whitefly

Small, dark spots on leaves; eventually leaves turn black; fruits may blacken and drop          Anthracnose, A Fungal Disease

Plants wilt quickly; white, sticky material might be seen when a stem is cut            Bacterial Wilt

Gray patches on lower leaves spread upward          Downy Mildew, A Fungal Disease

Mottled, crinkled foliage; brown specks appear on fruit, and plants may droop and die prematurely          Yellow Mosaic Virus

White spots on leaves; eventually entire leaf is covered with powder          Powdery Mildew, A Fungal Disease


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