Solutions For Thrips

Early Warning Devices

Yellow Sticky Trap - By setting yellow sticky traps out in the landscape early in the spring, near the plants normally attacked by thrips, you will be able to catch the first thrips of the season and thus learn of their arrival. Now you can take effective preventive action.

Controlling Thrips With No Insecticides

Aluminum Mulch
If you can stand them around your landscape plants, aluminum foil and aluminum polyethylene mulches reduce the number of thrips.

Diatomaceous Earth
Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around very small trees to create a barrier for the pest. You can also dust the whole plants, beginning from the ground and working upward. Use diatomaceous earth in the late evening or at night to minimize injury to predator insects.

Organic Mulch
Spreading 4 to 6 inches of heavy organic mulch beneath plants keeps adult thrips from emerging in early spring. It may also prevent thrips that pupate in the soil from finding suitable pupation sites later in the season.

Mist Plants
Thrips prefer a dry environment, so make sure plants are adequately misted and watered.

Massaging Flowers
Try squeezing infested flowers carefully between your thumb and forefinger to kill thrips that have settled in between the petals.

Controlling Thrips With Insecticides

Using Natural Insect Repellents
There are several natural insect repellents that often kill thrips on contact, but then will create a bad taste for the critter and make it go someplace else to munch. Neem Oil Soap, Hot Pepper Wax, and Garlic Barrier all have this potential repellent capability when applied properly on the tops and the bottoms of leaves of the target plant. The repelling effect will last for several weeks to a month depending on the weather conditions. See the Natural Repellents in Yardener's Tool Shed.

Using Natural Insecticides

AzaMax will control this pest insect

AzaMax is a natural product with a broad spectrum of pest control and broad plant applications. AzaMax is an anti-feedant and insect growth regulator which control (kills) pests through starvation and growth disruption within two or three days. Therefore this product is used when the bugger is chomping on the foliage. Any of the sprayers can be used to apply AzaMax

For more information about AzaMax go to the Yardener's Tool Shed; click here




Neem oil soap is a natural insecticide that will kill thrips on contact and then repel new arrivals for about 2 weeks. Pyrethrum is made from chrysanthemum blossoms and is quite effective especially when applied directly to the pest. Light horticultural oil is effective in smothering [insect]. Go to the Natural Insecticides section in Yardener’s Tool Shed for details on each product.


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