Among all the garden fruits, strawberries are the easiest to grow and produce in pretty good volumes growing in fairly small spaces. Depending on the variety, each plant may produce up to one quart of fruit.

Varieties of Strawberries
The first question is not which variety of strawberry to plant but which type of strawberry to plant.  There are three types and each have pluses and minuses. 

June-bearers are the most widely planted type of strawberry. June-bearing strawberries produce one crop per year with the majority of the fruit ripening in a three to four window in June. That’s it.  There are no more strawberries till next June. 

Everbearing strawberry.
Everbearing varieties typically produce a spring and then a late summer crop with little flowering or fruiting during the remainder of the growing season. Maybe not the big rush but you have fresh strawberries over a longer period of the season.

The day-neutral varieties
are really just a new version of the everbearing types. They are regarded as an improved, more productive everbearing-type strawberry. As with the older everbearing varieties the day-neutral varieties perform best during the cooler periods of the growing season and will not flower and fruit during hot weather.

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