Pyrethrum is the most widely used natural insecticide in the U.S. The active ingredient, pyrethrin, is extracted from the chrysanthemum plant, Dendranthemum (Chrysanthemum) cinerariaefolium, which is grown primarily in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ecuador.

Most insects are highly susceptible to pyrethrum at low concentrations. The compound acts rapidly on insects, causing immediate "knockdown. The key to success with this product is to apply it in such a way as to make direct contact with the critter. " Flying insects (drop)almost immediately upon exposure. Pyrethrums also are highly irritating to insects, so they may be used as a "flushing agent" or irritant to "make them come out of hiding."

Fast knockdown and actual insect death don't always go hand in hand as many insects recover after the initial knockdown phase. For this reason pyrethrums are mixed with a synergist such as piperonyl butoxide (PBO) to increase insect mortality. Pyrethrums are primarily effective as a contact poison, which affects the central nervous system of insects.

Pyrethrum is non-toxic to most mammals, making it among the safest insecticides in use. In fact, it has more approved EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) uses than any other insecticide. Do not use products containing PBO when temperatures exceed 90 degrees F.

Bonide’s Japanese Beetle Killer

An organic pyrethrin insecticide in concentrated form
Don’t be confused by the name of this product. Yes, it will kill Japanese Beetles when it is directly sprayed on them. However, it is perfectly good for most other insects as well. This is an organic pyrethrum insecticide, packaged in concentrated form that is economical to use.
It controls a broad spectrum of pests including beetles, aphids, leaf-hoppers, cabbage worms, caterpillars and other pest insects on many vegetables, flowers, and ornamental trees and shrubs. This product can even be used on African Violets, azaleas, begonias, carnations, roses, rubber plants, and wandering jew.
Use indoors and out. This is not a residual insecticide. To be effective, you must hit the insect directly, so spray on the tops and undersides of the plant’s leaves to be sure of getting every pest critter. Because this product comes in concentrated form, you will need a sprayer in which you will mix a small amount of this product with water.


X-Clude Timed Release Pyrethrum Aerosol - 20 oz.

by Whitmire Micro-Gen

This aerosol spray offers 30 day protection with its unique time released Pyrethrum system. Used indoors or outdoors on growing or blooming plants. Biodegrades in 30 days. Good against aphids, whiteflies and thrips.

X clude is a microencapsulated (timed release) insecticide packaged in a ready to use aerosol canister labeled for resale to retail consumers and interiorscapers.
• Labeled for use in Hobby Greenhouses, Homes, Interiorscapes and Landscapes on Potted and Flowering Plants, Foliage, Bedding Plants, Cut Flowers and Ornamentals.
• 1600 X clude controls aphids, fungus gnats, spider mites, mealybugs and whiteflies. (see label for additional insects controlled)
• 1600 X clude is available in a 20 ounce ready to use spray can.
• Please read the label for application information.


Pyrethrin Spray Concentrate, 1 Pt

by Bonide

This formulation of naturally occurring pesticides is perfect for organic gardeners. Controls many insects on fruit, vegetables , ornamental flowers and trees. May also be used as a flea, tick and lice spray for dogs. Labeled for the control of fire ants. Mix 1 to 4 tsp. per gallon of water.

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